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Providing our team with CET approved training

We’re excited to share that Visioncall will be hosting CET approved training during our upcoming Optometry induction events throughout the year.

Our CET approved training on cognitive impairments will be exclusively available for Visioncall Optometrists, including those recently joining our team.

It’s a small taster of who we are and what we do.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this, share our knowledge and provide an opportunity to learn new skills.

Who will be speaking at the event?

Leading the event will be Visioncall’s Managing Director, Brian McGuire.

Joining Brian will be GOC Member and College of Optometrists’ Assessor, Dr Scott Mackie.

Both of our speakers will be sharing valuable experience and skills assisting our team to help individuals see better and live better.

What will the training cover?

Attendees will receive specialist training focussed around delivering eye care to individuals who may be living with cognitive impairments such as dementia.

These are patients with complex needs, who may have difficulty communicating.

As such, we’ll be going into more detail about how to engage with them, how to test their eyes properly and what equipment to use.

The training will highlight the importance of treating each and every patient with dignity and respect.

As well as learning more about what we do, you’ll also discover our purpose and how our company values help our patients to see better and live better.

When and where are Visioncall’s CET-approved training events?

We will be hosting our next CET training events in Summer 2019, to register your interest today please contact our recruitment team here.

Our first run of training events in early 2019 have been a resounding success and we look forward to our upcoming sessions throughout the year.

How many CET points are available?

This event is worth 6 CET points upon completion.

To discover more about what it is like working as a Visioncall Optometrist, watch our video here.

To find out more about becoming a Visioncall Optometrist contact Lyndsay Johnston on 07795592096 or 

A job with a future: Working at Visioncall Labs

Visioncall is made up of a large, multi-skilled team all working together to help individuals see better and live better.

Our clinical teams are essential for testing the sight of our patients, as are our colleagues working at local practices across the UK to co-ordinate what we do. But did you also know we also have our own lab where we produce all of our glasses?

Based in Scotland, the team at the Visioncall Lab work together to produce glasses based on our patient’s needs in the highest quality.

Everyone in our lab is fully trained and supported from day one, just as we do with all new members of our teams across the company.

We have recently welcomed two new apprentices into our lab team, Matt Munro and Fraser Callan, who have been learning new skills and all about what it takes to produce glasses of the highest quality.

In their own words, they share more about themselves and their thoughts on working with Visioncall Labs:

So what makes Visioncall Labs a good place to work?

Matt: “It’s a relaxed environment with a great bunch of guys and a supportive team, so I’ve learned so much since I’ve started here. I really feel like part of the team.”

Fraser: “The lab is really interesting, plus I am good with my hands so the role really suits me. It’s a really busy work environment as well, but I enjoy that.”

Are there any benefits to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “The hours are really good, I enjoy being able to work normal business hours with no pressure to work evenings, long shifts or weekend work.”

Fraser: “Not having to work 12-hour shifts and doing the day shift is one! We also get our lunch bought for us at the end of every month!”

What did you do before joining Visioncall?

Matt: “I left school last year and I’ve had two jobs since then which I hated as they had no future! I used to dread going to work before I started with Visioncall, but for the first time, I have a job I love doing. It feels great knowing I will still be here this time next year.”

Fraser: “Before working with Visioncall I used to work in warehouses in jobs that offered no stability and they were not really rewarding.”

Have there been any challenges to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “It can be physically demanding and really fast-paced, so you need to really enjoy this type of work.”

Fraser: “None for me. I think the job has been easy to pick up and there’s been a lot of support around me.”

Finally, what makes Visioncall Labs different from other workplaces?

Matt: “I think the job security and being part of a supportive team makes a huge difference.”

Fraser: “Visioncall offer job security with a full-time permanent role. My other jobs were all zero-hour contracts!”

– – – – – –

For the latest career opportunities at Visioncall, please click here to browse and apply today!

Helping you take the next step in your optics career

We count ourselves as being fortunate to be operating within one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors within the Optometry industry.

Domiciliary eye care is an area which many may not even consider during their career, but it is one which more and more Opticians are starting to turn to as they seek a more fulfilling way to work.

Fulfillment is an important basic need for any profession, it is what gets us out of bed in the morning and motivates us to do a good job.

Working with Visioncall offers you something different than the usual, and can provide a path and opportunity to fulfill and better reward you within the Optometry industry.

Life as a Visioncall Optician will see you go out into the world and visit people in their homes, delivering sight tests within a private setting to assist those most in need of care.

It means each and every day is different, meeting new people in a different part of your local area.

Domiciliary can offer you an unrivaled level of variety most positions couldn’t dream of offering and is certainly one of the major perks of taking your career down this path within the industry.

Our Opticians, many who have made the same transition to domiciliary, all agree that they enjoy the variety of setting and flexibility offered in their role.

As opposed to a high street practice, where you will work with patients who don’t require the same extra care, in domiciliary you will deliver eye care to people who cannot get to a standard practice and may be living with some form of dementia, learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

Those who work in domiciliary will possess the ability to communicate effectively and deliver a sight test in a manner which meets their individual needs.

For many of the people we help, they are elderly and living with some form of dementia.

This can make it very difficult for them to communicate and engage, and as such we make sure all of our Opticians undergo training to ensure they remain dementia-friendly and sensitive to the person’s needs.

At Visioncall we take care of our Opticians to give them the support they need to make this a reality.

Above all else we make sure our staff can come to work each day and can simply focus on their jobs without the added pressures of retail.

Rather than a sales-first approach which is prominent in so many high street chains, we focus ourselves on the core reason why we got into the profession in the first place… to help others and make a difference in their life through better vision.

A career with Visioncall can provide you with exactly that, alongside an attractive range of additional benefits of working with us.

We are all about caring first and are proud to have a team of individuals dedicated to making a real difference in someone’s life.

If you are an Optician and are looking for a rewarding new chapter in your career then please click here to check out our latest vacancies.


Find your calling

Picture the scene… you spend years of your life working tirelessly to get your degree and professional qualification as an Optometrist to work for years as a professional within the industry – but you get there and find that there is something missing from it all…

Sure, you are a fully qualified Optometrist, but your gut feeling is that you could be elsewhere working with a company that truly lets you be an Optometrist.

Such a company does exist, and this is the reality we offer to all Visioncall Opticians – a company where you can be the best you.

No more sales targets or up selling, just a place where you can simply focus on helping people see the world a little better.

Your career holds real value in helping define who you are and what you aim to be, it shouldn’t just be a job to pay the bills but your life’s work, your true calling in life.

Cast your mind back on why you chose to follow a career path in Optometry, was it to sit in a small room all day and convince someone to opt for designer frames?

We are willing to bet that decision was grounded around knowing you have a real interest in the field and using your talents to help people with their vision.

Whatever the reason, you know in yourself that you were destined to be an Optometrist, and at Visioncall you have the opportunity to be exactly that.

Our Opticians are the best at what they do and they come to work with a company which believes that everyone has a fundamental right to sight.

So it means they can come to work every day and focus only on helping others with their vision and help them see the world a little better.

Sound good? Then all you need to do next is browse our opportunities and apply today.

Whether it’s an urge to get back to basics with Optometry, achieve a better work-life balance or work in a place where your professional skills are valued, we have flexible opportunities across Visioncall to make it a reality.

And thanks to our new careers website, it has never been easier to find your calling!

Whether you are an Optometrist looking for a rewarding new chapter in your career or looking for opportunities at an operations level, we are here to help you with your search.

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From Optician to Practice Leader – Vishal’s Story

After obtaining his honours degree, Vishal has dedicated himself to delivering the very best in patient care and is still setting that example for his team. Here he shares his career story.

Vishal Khurana, Clinical Director and Lead Optometrist at Visioncall Midlands, tells us about his time working with Visioncall.

What was your background before joining Visioncall?

I was born and brought up in Scotland which is where I studied Optometry. The eye has interested from a very early age. How can something so small do so much?

Tell us a bit about your career journey at Visioncall?

After completing my course with an honours degree I left home and began my training with Boots Opticians in Middlesex.

A year later I qualified as an optometrist and I was offered a full-time resident position at Boots Opticians in Maidenhead.

After being part of the team for a couple of years I started my own personal development journey.

I learned so much about how to support and coach other Optometrists in the local area and how to deliver the very best in patient care.

Soon after I began looking after a larger area, broadening my horizons.

How has Visioncall supported your development?

Visioncall gave me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills.

They allowed for me to help and support everyone in the practice, not just the optometrists.

The aim was to get everyone aligned with the same objectives and share the same values, working together to deliver the very best in patient centred care.

Working in a care home also required new additional skills not taught at University.

Visioncall ensured I received training from Alzheimer’s Scotland to help prepare me for the years ahead. It was so refreshing to learn something so new and interesting.

I learned how to adapt my sight test routine to suit patients with differing cognitive and physical impairments, as they have a fundamental right to sight like everyone else.

As well as clinically preparing me, Visioncall’s leadership training taught me how to engage with every member of my team, motivating them to deliver the very best customer service possible.

The courses that are put on by Visioncall were fantastic and really helped me develop personally as well as professionally.

What clinical advances have you seen lately?

I’ve worked for Visioncall for over 10 years and I am delighted that dementia is now a focal point in public health.

There is now training widely available for Optometrists on how to deliver an effective sight test for a patient with dementia.

Where do you think you have made real difference to someone’s life?

I recently visited a patient who requested a sight test as her spectacles were broken.

After an initial chat, I was surprised to learn that my patient was a published author, and that the real reason for requesting new spectacles was to enable her to write a second book!

Even though this is an excellent example of how we enable patients, others are just as heart-warming.

Helping a patient to see photos of their family, seeing their meal clearly or just helping them watch an old movie can be equally rewarding. Imagine being able to do that every day?

What makes you most proud of your time at Visioncall so far?

I was delighted to become a Partner of my own practice. I have been very fortunate to have a great team, and is what I’m most proud of.

We all share the same values and work together to ensure over 20,000 of our patients receive excellent eye care.

We work together to enable patients to do activities they would otherwise struggle to do and ensure that the carers around them are aware of all their optical needs.

We are professional, local Opticians that truly understand the needs of our patients.

What advice would you give someone looking to join Visioncall?

I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

I genuinely believe it’s one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done.

Unlike the high street, you are not measured by the number of spectacles you sell but the quality of care you deliver.


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