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Since 1994, Visioncall has been a leading eye care provider to the UK care home sector, delivering home sight tests to those unable to visit a high street optician.

Regardless of a person’s age or needs, we believe that they have the right to the best eye care service to help them see the world around them.

The people we help cannot visit a high street optician unattended; they also may be living with additional healthcare needs.

We strive always to do the right thing for our patients and deliver the most caring service for them.

Our specialist holistic approach to eye care means our patients will benefit from being more engaged with the world around them.

We believe our team are the embodiment of our company values. In living these company values together, we will able to improve the lives of many through our work together.

Together, we can help people to see better and live better.

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    Our Business Model

    Visioncall operates a hub and spoke model to provide local eye care in the community, managed regionally and supported by a centralised admin function in Glasgow.

    Clinics of Optometrist and Dispensing crews are put together centrally from our Glasgow based support centre where each region has a dedicated scheduler.

    Crews are designed to operate within specific local postcode areas, to minimise travel times and distances and maximise clinic times.

    Whilst working as a team of two is Visioncall’s preferred model (Optometrist and Dispenser Crew), Optometrists may sometimes be required to work alone as a SuperOptom to provide for emergency clinics, or to conform to regulatory restrictions.

    Deliveries and spectacle fitting is undertaken by Associate dispensers or trained delivery dispensers.

    Quality assurance, support and day to day management of the Associates are provided by our team of employed regional Lead Optometrists and Lead Dispensers.

    Join our growing team

    Visioncall is one of the UK’s leading home-visiting eye care providers. We have a wide range of clinical, managerial, and administrative roles to ensure we function efficiently and safely, in every patient’s interest.

    We are ever-growing and are always looking for the best people to join our team and provide person-centred eye care for our patients.

    Browse our latest opportunities and apply online to take a rewarding next step of your career today.
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    A Day in the Life…

    Check out the video below to see what a day in the life of a Visioncall Optometrist is like…