Picture the scene… you spend years of your life working tirelessly to get your degree and professional qualification as an Optometrist to work for years as a professional within the industry – but you get there and find that there is something missing from it all…

Sure, you are a fully qualified Optometrist, but your gut feeling is that you could be elsewhere working with a company that truly lets you be an Optometrist.

Such a company does exist, and this is the reality we offer to all Visioncall Opticians – a company where you can be the best you.

No more sales targets or up selling, just a place where you can simply focus on helping people see the world a little better.

Your career holds real value in helping define who you are and what you aim to be, it shouldn’t just be a job to pay the bills but your life’s work, your true calling in life.

Cast your mind back on why you chose to follow a career path in Optometry, was it to sit in a small room all day and convince someone to opt for designer frames?

We are willing to bet that decision was grounded around knowing you have a real interest in the field and using your talents to help people with their vision.

Whatever the reason, you know in yourself that you were destined to be an Optometrist, and at Visioncall you have the opportunity to be exactly that.

Our Opticians are the best at what they do and they come to work with a company which believes that everyone has a fundamental right to sight.

So it means they can come to work every day and focus only on helping others with their vision and help them see the world a little better.

Sound good? Then all you need to do next is browse our opportunities and apply today.

Whether it’s an urge to get back to basics with Optometry, achieve a better work-life balance or work in a place where your professional skills are valued, we have flexible opportunities across Visioncall to make it a reality.

And thanks to our new careers website, it has never been easier to find your calling!

Whether you are an Optometrist looking for a rewarding new chapter in your career or looking for opportunities at an operations level, we are here to help you with your search.

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