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Providing our team with CET approved training

We’re excited to share that Visioncall will be hosting CET approved training during our upcoming Optometry induction events throughout the year.

Our CET approved training on cognitive impairments will be exclusively available for Visioncall Optometrists, including those recently joining our team.

It’s a small taster of who we are and what we do.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this, share our knowledge and provide an opportunity to learn new skills.

Who will be speaking at the event?

Leading the event will be Visioncall’s Managing Director, Brian McGuire.

Joining Brian will be GOC Member and College of Optometrists’ Assessor, Dr Scott Mackie.

Both of our speakers will be sharing valuable experience and skills assisting our team to help individuals see better and live better.

What will the training cover?

Attendees will receive specialist training focussed around delivering eye care to individuals who may be living with cognitive impairments such as dementia.

These are patients with complex needs, who may have difficulty communicating.

As such, we’ll be going into more detail about how to engage with them, how to test their eyes properly and what equipment to use.

The training will highlight the importance of treating each and every patient with dignity and respect.

As well as learning more about what we do, you’ll also discover our purpose and how our company values help our patients to see better and live better.

When and where are Visioncall’s CET-approved training events?

We will be hosting our next CET training events in Summer 2019, to register your interest today please contact our recruitment team here.

Our first run of training events in early 2019 have been a resounding success and we look forward to our upcoming sessions throughout the year.

How many CET points are available?

This event is worth 6 CET points upon completion.

To discover more about what it is like working as a Visioncall Optometrist, watch our video here.

To find out more about becoming a Visioncall Optometrist contact Lyndsay Johnston on 07795592096 or ljohnston@visioncall.co.uk. 

A job with a future: Working at Visioncall Labs

Visioncall is made up of a large, multi-skilled team all working together to help individuals see better and live better.

Our clinical teams are essential for testing the sight of our patients, as are our colleagues working at local practices across the UK to co-ordinate what we do. But did you also know we also have our own lab where we produce all of our glasses?

Based in Scotland, the team at the Visioncall Lab work together to produce glasses based on our patient’s needs in the highest quality.

Everyone in our lab is fully trained and supported from day one, just as we do with all new members of our teams across the company.

We have recently welcomed two new apprentices into our lab team, Matt Munro and Fraser Callan, who have been learning new skills and all about what it takes to produce glasses of the highest quality.

In their own words, they share more about themselves and their thoughts on working with Visioncall Labs:

So what makes Visioncall Labs a good place to work?

Matt: “It’s a relaxed environment with a great bunch of guys and a supportive team, so I’ve learned so much since I’ve started here. I really feel like part of the team.”

Fraser: “The lab is really interesting, plus I am good with my hands so the role really suits me. It’s a really busy work environment as well, but I enjoy that.”

Are there any benefits to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “The hours are really good, I enjoy being able to work normal business hours with no pressure to work evenings, long shifts or weekend work.”

Fraser: “Not having to work 12-hour shifts and doing the day shift is one! We also get our lunch bought for us at the end of every month!”

What did you do before joining Visioncall?

Matt: “I left school last year and I’ve had two jobs since then which I hated as they had no future! I used to dread going to work before I started with Visioncall, but for the first time, I have a job I love doing. It feels great knowing I will still be here this time next year.”

Fraser: “Before working with Visioncall I used to work in warehouses in jobs that offered no stability and they were not really rewarding.”

Have there been any challenges to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “It can be physically demanding and really fast-paced, so you need to really enjoy this type of work.”

Fraser: “None for me. I think the job has been easy to pick up and there’s been a lot of support around me.”

Finally, what makes Visioncall Labs different from other workplaces?

Matt: “I think the job security and being part of a supportive team makes a huge difference.”

Fraser: “Visioncall offer job security with a full-time permanent role. My other jobs were all zero-hour contracts!”

– – – – – –

For the latest career opportunities at Visioncall, please click here to browse and apply today!

Reclaim your weekends

We love our weekends!

So, whether you’re based in one of our branches, lab or central support, everyone has the weekend to themselves.

This is just one of the many benefits of working with Visioncall, and definitely one of the best!

A lot of our team have experience in the retail sector of the optical industry, where working at the weekend is commonplace due to demand.

Visioncall on the other hand, do not have any home visits at the weekend, so our team is able to enjoy every weekend as they like.

It enables many of our colleagues to adopt a work-life balance better suited to themselves and their families.

Whether your ideal weekend involves scuba diving, cleaning or spending time with your friends and family, you don’t need to use your annual leave to get a two-day weekend anymore!

A good work-life balance can benefit you with improved sleep and less stress.

We’ll help you out by giving you peace of mind that you won’t be added onto the weekend rota at the last minute and something to help your week go by that little bit quicker.

Our countdown to 5 pm on Friday is on. But, is yours?

To browse our jobs, click here.

Supporting our team from day one and beyond!

We’ve got you from day one!

From your first day with us, we’ll work with you to develop your career to make sure you reach your potential, while meeting the ever-changing demands of the people you help.

We kick things off with the Visioncall Induction Programme to orientate you in our company and tell you all you need to know about how to operate effectively within our team.

Here at Visioncall, we’re a supportive family and we’ll encourage and support you in your role.

As you progress in your Visioncall career, you’ll have lots of opportunities to develop further through working together.

We believe that through sharing your individual experiences and learning from others’, talent is nurtured, a high standard of care is provided and people are enabled to see better and live better.

Our collaborative ethos means that you’ll have two Visioncall families – Visioncall at large and your local Visioncall team!

Throughout both you’ll be recognised, rewarded and have your successes celebrated.

In the words of our Managing Director Brian McGuire “if it’s your birthday, you might even get a cake!”

Click here to view our latest vacancies, or contact our team to arrange an experience day today.

The Optoms of tomorrow

And we have a winner!

Zakiyyah Asif is the proud owner of a pair of Ray Ban sunnies from our prize draw during the Scottish Optical Careers Conference!

Zakiyyah is a 2nd year Optometry student at Glasgow Caledonian University and is interested in exploring the at-home industry.

She expressed that it may be a career path to follow in the future once she has qualified and gained experience within a high street practice.

Most of us have a motivation in life and for Zakiyyah it was to enter a profession where she will actively be enabling people, through improving their vision.

Congratulations Zakiyyah!

Visioncall are delighted that Optometrists at the outset of their education hold the values central to making a difference and enabling those most in need.

Making a difference by enabling people to “be more” is at the very heart of Visioncall, which Managing Director Brian McGuire spoke about at the Conference.

24% of the UK population will be aged 65 or over in the UK, with an estimated 1 million people living with dementia in the UK by 2025.

Given the significant size of this demographic, it is important that people are enabled where possible. It will also become increasingly difficult to avoid working with the ageing population.

Brian stated the definition of an Optician as “someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand”.

This wizardry is however, underpinned by alternative intrinsic motivations which seeks autonomy, mastery and purpose – and are all features of working at Visioncall.

So, if your motivations align with the above, feel free to contact us for an informal chat and discover your future with Visioncall.

On a separate note, here’s Brian’s pre-reg top tips:

– Get yourself a great supervisor

– Follow good students

– It’s about quality, not quantity

– Stay for another year after completing your pre-reg

– Avoid locuming

Click here to view our latest vacancies, or contact our team to arrange an experience day today.

A job with a view

Working as an Optician with Visioncall is unlike anything you will find on a standard high street practice.

In fact, one of our defining factors is also one of the best reasons to work with Visioncall – getting out and about every day to see so many beautiful parts of the country.

We are UK wide, which means there is a vast amount of stunning scenery which our team get to enjoy every day. In some senses, you could say Visioncall Opticians have the best office view going!

Instead of being restricted within the same four walls every day, you will be out experiencing new and different parts of your local area daily.

Visioncall sets itself apart from your standard Optician with the variety of work on offer each day and no two days are ever the same for our Opticians.

Variety comes in many forms and it isn’t just a different setting that our Opticians enjoy, we can’t forget the many different people that we assist to see the world better every day.

Helping those most in need of our assistance is incredibly rewarding, no matter where you will go, this is a fundamental perk of the job – helping others across your local area every day.

Sound good? If you’re unsure about your future direction then why not get a taste for it by taking part in our Visioncall Experience Day.

We will arrange a day at your convenience to go along to your local branch where you will be able to meet our team and accompany them to see first-hand how we do things.

Here you will be able to chat with our team about what it is like working with Visioncall and if you wish you can also participate.

Plus we will pay you for your time!

Our Opticians all share an ambition to help others first and foremost, and an added benefit of doing that with us is also being able to do that from outside of the confines of the high street every day.

And of course, you will be joined by a team of colleagues who all believe in delivering the best standard of eye care to people most in need of care.

Click here to view our latest vacancies, or contact our team to arrange an experience day today.

Following a passion to help others and to lead by example – Phil’s Story

At some point in our lives we all make a decision to follow a path in our career and through hard work there is real space to combine many professional passions into that pathway down the line.

Visioncall Clinical Director (Scotland), Phil Kelly, is living proof of this as he has taken his career to a place where he can combine his passion for management and to assist people to see better every day.

Here Phil tells us his story and how he has achieved his goals in his career with Visioncall…

So where did it all start for you Phil?

I left school at the end of 6th year with little idea of what career path I would take.

I chanced upon a position in a degree course in management which I spent my next three years completing.

During this time, through my family association with optometry, I became increasingly interested in the business of eyes.

I undertook an Ophthalmic Dispensing course prior to moving on to study Optometry.  Five years later I qualified from Glasgow Caledonian University.

After completing my pre-registration period with a high street optical provider, I soon realised that my interests lay elsewhere within the profession.

A previous colleague had suggested to me that it may be worthwhile to try working with Visioncall as it was very different to the ‘cut and thrust’ of the high street.

I joined Visioncall in 2006 and never looked back.

What is it like working with Visioncall?

After working with Visioncall for a couple of years, the opportunity presented itself to take on a senior position within the Scotland branch.

I took on the role of Clinical Director early in 2008.  This allows me to combine both my clinical passion and history of management, and I have worked closely with the team at Head Office since then to ensure the successful running of the Scotland branch.

What do you feel is the benefit of not being restricted to a high street practice?

Domiciliary has been thought of as a very ‘niche’ market in the past but I feel it is one of the most rewarding career paths that you could follow.

We can be dealing with a number of different people involved in the care of their loved ones each and every day; the patient, the care home manager, the staff nurse, the principal carer, the friend and of course, the patient themselves.

Not only is clinical excellence imperative but so too is an understanding of the medical conditions that our patients may have and how this leads to alternative patient management.

There is little routine in domiciliary eye care, so each day, with each patient, you need to be switched on and thinking on your feet to ensure that your management is right for that patient.

Would you recommend Visioncall?

As leaders in the field, Visioncall have a deep understanding of the issues that may impact upon our patients.

They are innovative and supportive every step of the way whether this be with their staff or the patient’s family and those who look after them.

If you are an Optometrist and you truly want to make a difference to your patients then Visioncall is for you.


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Making a difference everyday – Richard’s story

We count ourselves lucky to have some of the best and brightest Optometrists in the country working as part of team Visioncall.

Every day we are blown away by the efforts of our team as they deliver the best eyecare to enable people across the country.

Whether they are with us as a full-time employee or want to join us for a couple of days each week, our flexible approach makes there is an opportunity for all who want to come on board.

Each one of our Opticians have their own story to tell and their own journey to becoming a part of the team here at Visioncall.

In his own words, Locum Optician, Richard Leach, tells us about his own background and more about what he enjoys about working with us…

My name is Richard and I have been looking after the eye health of elderly and vulnerable patients for 20 years alongside work in high street primary practice.

My own career path has went from work experience in a small optical practice in Worthing to becoming manager there and then becoming a mature student in my mid 20s at Cardiff University.

I studied for 4 years, it was a great time in my life and I am proud to have attained a First class degree.

I then moved on as a post graduate studying under Dr Margaret Woodhouse who has done much to help paediatric and patients who cannot communicate, developing techniques and equipment to enable accurate eye tests.

I really love my work with the team at Visioncall, getting to work within care homes meeting patients as well as getting to know the staff looking after the residents.

In many cases its simple practical things that can make the biggest difference to patients’ lives such as prescribing spectacles they have lost, broken or forgotten about.

Better vision can help with seeing a smile again or providing immediate improvement in their mobility, so it is essential assistance – and we get to do this important work every day!

Sometimes it can be challenging but I firmly believe we can bring some fun and interaction into our patients’ lives.”

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What’s it like to work for Visioncall?

Why did you decide to pursue a career in optics?

Was it to look after people’s eyes and vision? Or was it to sell them the right pair of glasses?

For the people on our team the answer was simple –  to help others and look after their eyes.

Everyday across the UK they are the ones who assist people most in need of care to improve their sight and make a real impact in their life.

‘Going that extra mile’ is a phrase which is commonly used to describe an incredible effort, we count ourselves lucky to have people who do this as a normal part of their day.

Here are some recent examples of what it really means to work for Visioncall…

A Novel Approach!

Midlands Clinical Director Vishal and Optical Assistant Taiba recently visited a patient in their home to assist her after she lost her glasses.

During the visit they of course got to chatting and soon realised they were in the presence of published author, Cora Smith!

Never one to shy away from a request, Taiba even helped Cora to apply her make up for the day following the sight test.

As you can see from the pictures below, they were all delighted during this visit!

Working attire?

Our team is made up of people who understand that sometimes you might be greeted with some unique request from our patients.

Lead Optician, Rob, went to visit a patient in a care residence who had one stipulation before they would take part in a sight test… Rob needed to wear this very fetching hat!

Naturally, Rob obliged!

We think it’s a good look!

Professional dancer or professional who dances?

Since joining our team Joel has made a real impact with his colleagues and our patients.

Simply put, he really knows how to put a room at ease.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, he was asked if he would like to join in with the residents at this home in Bristol.

We will let the video do the talking here, but Joel made sure he left everyone smiling with his dance moves!

Caring for others is what our team do best, and they do so by having a place to work where they can focus on what is important in a personable manner.

As you can see from the examples above, we like to make our visits count and let our patients know we are there to assist them, regardless of what it means to make that reality!

Are you looking for a new career path in Optics? Why not check out our latest vacancies across the country today.

Helping you take the next step in your optics career

We count ourselves as being fortunate to be operating within one of the most challenging and rewarding sectors within the Optometry industry.

Domiciliary eye care is an area which many may not even consider during their career, but it is one which more and more Opticians are starting to turn to as they seek a more fulfilling way to work.

Fulfillment is an important basic need for any profession, it is what gets us out of bed in the morning and motivates us to do a good job.

Working with Visioncall offers you something different than the usual, and can provide a path and opportunity to fulfill and better reward you within the Optometry industry.

Life as a Visioncall Optician will see you go out into the world and visit people in their homes, delivering sight tests within a private setting to assist those most in need of care.

It means each and every day is different, meeting new people in a different part of your local area.

Domiciliary can offer you an unrivaled level of variety most positions couldn’t dream of offering and is certainly one of the major perks of taking your career down this path within the industry.

Our Opticians, many who have made the same transition to domiciliary, all agree that they enjoy the variety of setting and flexibility offered in their role.

As opposed to a high street practice, where you will work with patients who don’t require the same extra care, in domiciliary you will deliver eye care to people who cannot get to a standard practice and may be living with some form of dementia, learning difficulties or physical disabilities.

Those who work in domiciliary will possess the ability to communicate effectively and deliver a sight test in a manner which meets their individual needs.

For many of the people we help, they are elderly and living with some form of dementia.

This can make it very difficult for them to communicate and engage, and as such we make sure all of our Opticians undergo training to ensure they remain dementia-friendly and sensitive to the person’s needs.

At Visioncall we take care of our Opticians to give them the support they need to make this a reality.

Above all else we make sure our staff can come to work each day and can simply focus on their jobs without the added pressures of retail.

Rather than a sales-first approach which is prominent in so many high street chains, we focus ourselves on the core reason why we got into the profession in the first place… to help others and make a difference in their life through better vision.

A career with Visioncall can provide you with exactly that, alongside an attractive range of additional benefits of working with us.

We are all about caring first and are proud to have a team of individuals dedicated to making a real difference in someone’s life.

If you are an Optician and are looking for a rewarding new chapter in your career then please click here to check out our latest vacancies.