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Providing our team with CET approved training

We’re excited to share that Visioncall will be hosting CET approved training during our upcoming Optometry induction events throughout the year.

Our CET approved training on cognitive impairments will be exclusively available for Visioncall Optometrists, including those recently joining our team.

It’s a small taster of who we are and what we do.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this, share our knowledge and provide an opportunity to learn new skills.

Who will be speaking at the event?

Leading the event will be Visioncall’s Managing Director, Brian McGuire.

Joining Brian will be GOC Member and College of Optometrists’ Assessor, Dr Scott Mackie.

Both of our speakers will be sharing valuable experience and skills assisting our team to help individuals see better and live better.

What will the training cover?

Attendees will receive specialist training focussed around delivering eye care to individuals who may be living with cognitive impairments such as dementia.

These are patients with complex needs, who may have difficulty communicating.

As such, we’ll be going into more detail about how to engage with them, how to test their eyes properly and what equipment to use.

The training will highlight the importance of treating each and every patient with dignity and respect.

As well as learning more about what we do, you’ll also discover our purpose and how our company values help our patients to see better and live better.

When and where are Visioncall’s CET-approved training events?

We will be hosting our next CET training events in Summer 2019, to register your interest today please contact our recruitment team here.

Our first run of training events in early 2019 have been a resounding success and we look forward to our upcoming sessions throughout the year.

How many CET points are available?

This event is worth 6 CET points upon completion.

To discover more about what it is like working as a Visioncall Optometrist, watch our video here.

To find out more about becoming a Visioncall Optometrist contact Lyndsay Johnston on 07795592096 or ljohnston@visioncall.co.uk.