Visioncall is made up of a large, multi-skilled team all working together to help individuals see better and live better.

Our clinical teams are essential for testing the sight of our patients, as are our colleagues working at local practices across the UK to co-ordinate what we do. But did you also know we also have our own lab where we produce all of our glasses?

Based in Scotland, the team at the Visioncall Lab work together to produce glasses based on our patient’s needs in the highest quality.

Everyone in our lab is fully trained and supported from day one, just as we do with all new members of our teams across the company.

We have recently welcomed two new apprentices into our lab team, Matt Munro and Fraser Callan, who have been learning new skills and all about what it takes to produce glasses of the highest quality.

In their own words, they share more about themselves and their thoughts on working with Visioncall Labs:

So what makes Visioncall Labs a good place to work?

Matt: “It’s a relaxed environment with a great bunch of guys and a supportive team, so I’ve learned so much since I’ve started here. I really feel like part of the team.”

Fraser: “The lab is really interesting, plus I am good with my hands so the role really suits me. It’s a really busy work environment as well, but I enjoy that.”

Are there any benefits to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “The hours are really good, I enjoy being able to work normal business hours with no pressure to work evenings, long shifts or weekend work.”

Fraser: “Not having to work 12-hour shifts and doing the day shift is one! We also get our lunch bought for us at the end of every month!”

What did you do before joining Visioncall?

Matt: “I left school last year and I’ve had two jobs since then which I hated as they had no future! I used to dread going to work before I started with Visioncall, but for the first time, I have a job I love doing. It feels great knowing I will still be here this time next year.”

Fraser: “Before working with Visioncall I used to work in warehouses in jobs that offered no stability and they were not really rewarding.”

Have there been any challenges to working at Visioncall Labs?

Matt: “It can be physically demanding and really fast-paced, so you need to really enjoy this type of work.”

Fraser: “None for me. I think the job has been easy to pick up and there’s been a lot of support around me.”

Finally, what makes Visioncall Labs different from other workplaces?

Matt: “I think the job security and being part of a supportive team makes a huge difference.”

Fraser: “Visioncall offer job security with a full-time permanent role. My other jobs were all zero-hour contracts!”

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