We’ve got you from day one!

From your first day with us, we’ll work with you to develop your career to make sure you reach your potential, while meeting the ever-changing demands of the people you help.

We kick things off with the Visioncall Induction Programme to orientate you in our company and tell you all you need to know about how to operate effectively within our team.

Here at Visioncall, we’re a supportive family and we’ll encourage and support you in your role.

As you progress in your Visioncall career, you’ll have lots of opportunities to develop further through working together.

We believe that through sharing your individual experiences and learning from others’, talent is nurtured, a high standard of care is provided and people are enabled to see better and live better.

Our collaborative ethos means that you’ll have two Visioncall families – Visioncall at large and your local Visioncall team!

Throughout both you’ll be recognised, rewarded and have your successes celebrated.

In the words of our Managing Director Brian McGuire “if it’s your birthday, you might even get a cake!”

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