At some point in our lives we all make a decision to follow a path in our career and through hard work there is real space to combine many professional passions into that pathway down the line.

Visioncall Clinical Director (Scotland), Phil Kelly, is living proof of this as he has taken his career to a place where he can combine his passion for management and to assist people to see better every day.

Here Phil tells us his story and how he has achieved his goals in his career with Visioncall…

So where did it all start for you Phil?

I left school at the end of 6th year with little idea of what career path I would take.

I chanced upon a position in a degree course in management which I spent my next three years completing.

During this time, through my family association with optometry, I became increasingly interested in the business of eyes.

I undertook an Ophthalmic Dispensing course prior to moving on to study Optometry.  Five years later I qualified from Glasgow Caledonian University.

After completing my pre-registration period with a high street optical provider, I soon realised that my interests lay elsewhere within the profession.

A previous colleague had suggested to me that it may be worthwhile to try working with Visioncall as it was very different to the ‘cut and thrust’ of the high street.

I joined Visioncall in 2006 and never looked back.

What is it like working with Visioncall?

After working with Visioncall for a couple of years, the opportunity presented itself to take on a senior position within the Scotland branch.

I took on the role of Clinical Director early in 2008.  This allows me to combine both my clinical passion and history of management, and I have worked closely with the team at Head Office since then to ensure the successful running of the Scotland branch.

What do you feel is the benefit of not being restricted to a high street practice?

Domiciliary has been thought of as a very ‘niche’ market in the past but I feel it is one of the most rewarding career paths that you could follow.

We can be dealing with a number of different people involved in the care of their loved ones each and every day; the patient, the care home manager, the staff nurse, the principal carer, the friend and of course, the patient themselves.

Not only is clinical excellence imperative but so too is an understanding of the medical conditions that our patients may have and how this leads to alternative patient management.

There is little routine in domiciliary eye care, so each day, with each patient, you need to be switched on and thinking on your feet to ensure that your management is right for that patient.

Would you recommend Visioncall?

As leaders in the field, Visioncall have a deep understanding of the issues that may impact upon our patients.

They are innovative and supportive every step of the way whether this be with their staff or the patient’s family and those who look after them.

If you are an Optometrist and you truly want to make a difference to your patients then Visioncall is for you.


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